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Frame Carry vs Farmers Carry - Which is Harder?

So, which is harder: the frame carry or the farmers carry? In terms of grip strength, both events are demanding. But which is more demanding?
Frame Carry vs Farmers Carry - Which is Harder?

Understanding the Basics

As a strongman competitor myself, I am often asked about the challenges associated with different types of carry events. Two exercises that often come up in discussions are the farmers carry and the frame carry. Both are core components of strongman competitions and require not only tremendous physical strength, but also a high degree of skill and technique.

The farmers carry is a classic strongman exercise. Essentially, it involves carrying heavy "gas tanks" or weights in each hand and walking as fast as possible over a certain distance. The main challenge here is maintaining a tight grip on the weights, which puts the farmers carry grip strength to the test.

The frame carry, on the other hand, is slightly different. Here, competitors carry a large, typically rectangular, weight-loaded frame by its handles, often using straps for support. This requires significant frame carry stability, and also challenges the competitor's grip strength, making the frame carry grip strength an essential factor for success.

Frame Carry Stability vs Farmers Carry Stability

One of the key differences between these two exercises is the stability requirement. In my experience, the farmers carry stability is typically more demanding than frame carry stability. This is because you are essentially balancing two separate weights, one in each hand, and any shift in balance can significantly affect your performance.

On the other hand, the frame carry, despite its weight, has a more stable base due to the nature of the apparatus. The weight is distributed more evenly, and competitors often use straps to help secure the grip. However, this does not mean the frame carry is easy; in fact, it requires immense strength and endurance to carry such a heavy load over a set distance.

Farmers Carry Gas Tanks vs Frame Carry with Straps

When we delve deeper into the specific challenges presented by these two exercises, the farmers carry gas tanks and the frame carry with straps both present unique demands.

Carrying gas tanks in the farmers carry can be incredibly challenging due to the awkwardness of the weights and the need for a strong grip. Without a solid farmers carry grip strength, it can be very hard to maintain control of the weights over the course of the event.

The frame carry with straps, while potentially offering more stability, can also be challenging due to the sheer weight of the apparatus. It requires a solid frame carry grip strength, even with the aid of straps. Additionally, the straps can sometimes dig into your hands, adding another layer of complexity to the event.

The Verdict

So, which is harder: the frame carry or the farmers carry? In my experience, both events present unique challenges and require a unique set of skills. The farmers carry demands more balance and individual hand strength, while the frame carry requires a solid overall strength and stability, particularly in the lower back and legs.

In terms of grip strength, both events are demanding. They both require strong farmers carry grip strength and frame carry grip strength, respectively. I have found that grip strength can often be the deciding factor in these events.

Ultimately, both the farmers carry and the frame carry are tough, challenging exercises that are integral parts of any strongman competition. Whichever you find harder will likely depend on your individual strengths, weaknesses, and training focus.

  • Farmers carry tests balance and individual hand strength
  • Frame carry requires overall strength and stability
  • Both require significant grip strength
  • Training focus may determine which is harder for you

Remember, the key to mastering these events is consistent practice, proper technique, and of course, immense physical strength. Keep training, and keep pushing your limits. The path to becoming a strongman is not easy, but it is incredibly rewarding.