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Top 5 Weirdest Strongman Events Ever

Top 5 funniest strongman events that are not just a test of strength, but also of one's sense of humor and whimsy.
Top 5 Weirdest Strongman Events Ever
Strangest and weirdest Strongman Events of all time

As an enthusiast of strongman events, I have observed countless awe-inspiring feats of strength and power. However, among the usual tyre flips and atlas stones, there are events that stand out due to their sheer weirdness. Today, I want to share the top 5 funniest strongman events that are not just a test of strength, but also of one's sense of humor and whimsy.

1. The Fridge Carry

Strongman competitions often involve carrying heavy objects over a certain distance. One of the weirdest strongman lifts you might come across is the Fridge Carry. In this event, competitors must carry a harness with two fridges attached to it. Each fridge weighs around 400 pounds, making this a truly chilling challenge. The sight of a giant of a man lugging two fridges is both funny and awe-inspiring.

The Fridge Carry, although absurd, tests the athlete's endurance, strength, and grip. The weirdness of this event lies in its mundane inspiration - who hasn't struggled to move a fridge at least once in their lives?

2. The Car Deadlift

Imagine going to your car one morning and instead of getting in to drive to work, you lift it. Sounds crazy, right? Well, in the world of strongman events, it's just another day at the office.

The Car Deadlift involves an athlete lifting the rear of a car as many times as possible. Usually, the car's weight is supplemented to reach around 800 pounds. It's not only one of the weird strongman events, but it's also a crowd favorite due to the spectacle and relatability.

3. The Keg Toss

The Keg Toss adds a dash of carnival spirit to strongman competitions. Athletes must toss beer kegs, filled with sand or lead shot, over a high bar. They start with lighter kegs, gradually moving on to heavier ones, with some weighing up to 50 pounds.

This event often results in some funny strongman events, like when a keg doesn't quite make it over the bar. The challenge here is not just the weight, but the awkward shape of the kegs. It's truly a test of explosive power, timing, and agility.

4. The Duck Walk

Now this event has a name as strange as its execution. The Duck Walk involves the athlete picking up a heavy, usually oddly shaped, object and walking with it for a set distance as quickly as possible. As the name suggests, the athletes often have to waddle like a duck due to the shape and placement of the weight.

The sight of a huge strongman waddling down the track often elicits laughs from the crowd. But don't be fooled by its humorous appearance, this event demands immense strength and balance.

5. The Phone Booth Deadlift

Rounding up our list of the top 5 weirdest strongman events is the Phone Booth Deadlift. In this event, a telephone booth is loaded with weights and the athletes must lift it using a handle at the top. The unusual shape and balance of the phone booth makes this a real test of grip strength and lifting technique.

While phone booths might be a rarity these days, they make a grand appearance in these competitions, adding an extra dose of weirdness and humor.

  • The Fridge Carry
  • The Car Deadlift
  • The Keg Toss
  • The Duck Walk
  • The Phone Booth Deadlift

Each of these events brings a unique charm to the sport of strongman competitions. They prove that humor and strength can indeed mix, making the sport more accessible and entertaining to a broader audience. I hope this list will encourage more people to explore and appreciate the quirky side of strongman events. After all, a bit of fun and laughter makes the weights seem a little lighter.