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Should You Use Atlas Stone Sleeves?

Atlas stone forearm sleeves, a common sight at any strongman competition, have raised quite a few eyebrows among amateurs in the world of strength training.
Should You Use Atlas Stone Sleeves?
Some use duct tape or other tape to protect their arms from tacky

Atlas stone forearm sleeves, a common sight at any strongman competition, have raised quite a few eyebrows among amateurs in the world of strength training. Often touted as the best form of atlas stone skin protection, they are considered essential gear by many. But the question still remains: should you actually use them?

Let's delve into the world of atlas sleeves and see if they can genuinely benefit your training routine or if they're merely a placebo.

What Are Atlas Stone Sleeves?

Atlas Stone sleeves are essentially forearm sleeves that have been specially designed for strongman training. They're primarily worn during atlas stone lifts – a staple exercise in strongman routines. Why, you may ask? Well, the primary reason is to shield your skin from the rough surface of the stone.

Atlas stones, as you probably know, are brutal on the skin. They are heavy, rough, and unforgiving, and anyone who has attempted a lift without proper protection can tell you about the painful skin tear that often follows. Atlas stone sleeves aim to prevent this, offering a layer of protection against the rough exterior of the stone.

Benefits of Using Atlas Stone Sleeves

Atlas stone sleeves are more than just a stylish accessory. They provide a slew of benefits that can greatly enhance your training experience:

  • Skin Protection: As mentioned earlier, the primary role of these sleeves is to protect your skin from the abrasive surface of the stone. They prevent skin tears, which can be quite painful and hinder your progress.
  • Improved Grip: Sleeves can provide an improved grip on the stone, enhancing your performance. This is especially beneficial when you're trying to break a personal record or perform a timed lift.
  • Prevent Injuries: By providing additional support to your forearms, atlas stone sleeves can help prevent injuries, allowing you to train harder and for longer durations.

However, there is an alternative method that some athletes resort to - the atlas stone duct tape method. It involves wrapping your forearms in duct tape to provide some level of protection. However, this is generally seen as less effective and more uncomfortable compared to using proper atlas sleeves.

Applying Tacky to Sleeves

For those unfamiliar, tacky is a sticky substance that strongmen apply to their hands and forearms to improve their grip on the stones. Now, if you're planning on using atlas stone sleeves, you might be wondering: Can I apply tacky to sleeves?

Yes, you can! Applying tacky to your sleeves can further enhance your grip, making your lifts more stable and secure. Just be sure to clean your sleeves regularly to prevent build-up and ensure they remain effective.

Harden Skin for Atlas Stones

While atlas stone sleeves are a great tool for preventing skin tears and improving your lifting performance, it's also important to harden skin for atlas stones. This involves developing calluses over time through regular lifting. However, even with hardened skin, it's still recommended to use forearm sleeves as an added layer of protection.

The Verdict

Given the numerous benefits of atlas stone sleeves, it's safe to say that they are a worthwhile investment for anyone serious about strongman training. They offer a combination of skin protection, enhanced grip, and injury prevention that can greatly aid in your strongman journey.

Remember, no matter how much you harden your skin or how good your technique is, lifting atlas stones will always be a taxing activity. Using the right protective gear like atlas stone sleeves can make this challenging task a bit more manageable and ensure you continue to progress in your training.